What to Know Before You Hire a House Cleaning in Bethlehem PA

The house cleaning in Bethlehem PA is a lifesaver. If your days are always packed and filled to the seams with work deadlines and family responsibilities, and you have little to no time to keep your home clean and tidy, get a cleaning company that can do that for you. Here’s how to make sure you get the right one for your family.

Get Referrals

Ask around. Reach out to friends and family in the community. Have they hired cleaning services in the area? Their feedback can help you steer clear of bad dodgy service providers, so your search can focus on the best ones.

Do Interviews

There’s nothing like a face-to-face interview to help you get a better sense of the person. Resumes and documentation are all good, but you need to meet the prospective cleaners to find out whether they’re a good fit with you professionally. Video interviews will work, too, of course. Make sure you check the cleaner’s background. The cleaning service, they’ll do that for you, so request for the report. Ask them about the references, work history, and criminal history of the cleaner they’ll send you before the interview, so you’ll know what to expect and what questions to ask.

Prepare a List

Make it easier to cover more ground during the interview by preparing a list of questions. That way, you can just move through the list, so you can check if the cleaner is compatible with you, given your personality, needs, routine, and more. A list also helps you stay in control of the interview. When you think you’re getting away from the conversation or the discussion is veering off, that list can help bring you back, so you can focus on the interview and the information you need to know to decide whether you should hire that person or not.

Talk About Expectations

Be clear about the tasks and amount of work that you expect from the cleaner. If there are tasks that you believe the cleaner should do, but aren’t part of the contract or package, ask about that. The Best House Cleaning in Bethlehem PA may come up with a custom offer for you, one that’s better suited to your needs.

Discuss the Payment

How much is the rate? Will you pay for an hourly rate or a service package? What kind of tasks will incur you extra fees? Is the company transparent with the costs or trying to pin hidden charges on you? Talk to the company to learn more about your options.

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Aaron D. Coleman